Welcome to Beaters Car Club

The beginings of the Club started back in 2003

Dean and Russ were discussing the various car clubs currently in the US and thought it would be a good idea to maybe start our own club of like minded people, though with no rules and regs as we didn't want to get bogged down with politics ....So after much thought and deliberation we eventually came up with the name Beaters ( in referance to the American description of an old car) and so this became the core of the club.

2004 Saw the introduction of club plaques, jackets,stickers and more prospective members.

2008 Saw an informal meeting at the Hotrod Hayride where Russ was elected club Prez and Deano as V Prez. The club was moving on and up.

2009 Dean and Russ decided that what had started as a bunch of mates had started to get away from its beginning, and was time to get some basic rules in place to keep the club, as it was always intended, towards to more early style Hotrods and Kustoms that wouldn't look out of place in the early days.

2012 saw the launch of the new club logo and new plaques were made.

Latest News

Great news for Becky and Julie the first girls to get into the 100mph club at this years Pendine Sands Hotrod Racing.

Becky ran a 101.28 and Julie became the fastest girl at 102.39.

Weldone both

Future Events

The Clubs next outing will be GOW in August