Jeremy and Donna

Donna's Model A coupe

Since before I can remember I have wanted to own a Model A, so when the opportunity arose to buy a late 31 coupe bodyshell whilst living in British Columbia, Canada I couldn't resist, I already had the original 32 chassis, 40 axles and brakes, 40 flathead V8 motor, 39 3 speed top loader, 46 ford dash, 35 wires, F1 steering box and various other parts, so on returning to England back in 2010 with a container full of goodies I started the build for my wife Donna so she would have a cool old hot rod to cruise around in, the car was basically completed in November 2012, well they are never really finished are they........

Jeremy's Truck

Back in May 2012 the club went to Chimay, Belgium to attend the first Hot rod and Custom show, at the time Donna and I owned a 1947 Studebaker truck and had every intension to sell it later in the year so thought it would be a good idea to put it up for sale, anyway to cut a long story short the truck sold within a couple of hours and a couple of days after returning from Chimay I spotted a 1959 Chevy Apache fleetside on the internet potentially for sale, so I emailed the guy and went to look at the truck where a deal was done as I had the cash from the sale of my other truck, It is currently running a 350ci chev V8 and is in generally bad condition mechanically, so the long term plan is to squeeze a Cummins 6BTA 5.9L diesel engine and box under the hood, Mustang two front suspension, Ford 9" rear axle and make it into a good hauler/daily driver.

Jeremy's other stuff

32 Ford BB Truck

I love this truck and intend to restore it basically back to stock except for the addition of a Flathead V8 when I find the correct year engine, this was also found in Canada whilst living there

29 Ford Model A Sedan

Also found in Canada, this car was used an advert atop of a ford dealership roof out in the middle of Canada back in the 60's and still has all of the sign writing on the side which is very cool I thought and intend to leave it on there, I want to build this car as a 60's styled fully fendered machine running a 331 Hemi and Mag wheels maybe with a mild Gasser stance, not really sure yet.....

Jeremy's Ford Model Y

Although Im not into building streetrod styled cars anymore this car is my roots to hot rodding, I bought this as a wreck back in 1995 when I was just a boy and spent a long time building it, it all steel running a rover V8 with auto box, IFS suspension all made by myself with stainless steel 'A' arms and Jag IRS out the back, I tried to achieve an 80's looking style streetrod at the time. I cant see myself ever parting with it as it has a lot of sentimental value to me.