Kelvin and Becky

Kelvin's 1953 Pontiac Chieftian

The car was purchased already chopped and was used as a daily driver for a few years until it was time to finish it to the standard it deserved. Body was removed for work to start on the frame. Air bags were fitted to the rear and dropped spindels to the front. Engine is a SBC and TH400 transmission. Front grill is made up of Pontiac and Buick parts. Rear window is 46 Ford.

Kelvin's 1930 Model A Tudor Sedan

The Sedan is chopped 5" and channeled 4". Engine is a Flathead V8 linked up to a Toyota 5 speed box

Becky's 1951 GMC Pickup

Becky imported this truck back in 2003. Its completely stock except for a chevy 10 bolt rear axle. Untill recently the truck as been used as a daily driver.

Becky's hemi Coupe

We bought this old 1930 Model A Ford back in winter 2007 from a guy in Minnasota. Eventually got it in the country in Spring 2008. Done a little bit of work to it and got it MOT'ed and registered by the Summer.

We used it stock for a while but the old girl kept breaking, first the gearbox then the rear axle and the final straw was when the fan decided to let go and destroy the radiator.

The decision was then made to take her off the road ready for the rebuild. The running gear was sold on and a set of 1932 chassie rails were purchased. power for the Coupe is now a Desoto 330 Hemi.