Model A Coupe

Shipped in from California a few years ago as a registered,running and driving 1931 Coupe, within 2 weeks we started to strip the car down completely. Fellow club member Pete being instrumental in the rebuild of the entire car.Only the front shocks and the wheels remain unchanged from the original car, everything else being rebuilt, swapped out or re-engineered to work. It now runs a rebuilt and tuned 276ci Ford Flathead, built by Jim at Royal Customs. Engine specs include, Tatom cam,forged pistons, MSD ignition, Thickstun PM7 intake, Canadian heads plus a whole load of other upgrades with an estimated output of 200 horses. The 3 speed top loader was complete junk and was swapped out for a 5 speed Toyota gearbox. Jim also rebuilt the rear axle with the Spadaro quick change diff. Engine and gearbox reside in a chassis rebuilt by Pete, straightened and with a work of art K member to support the modern gearbox. The coupe's roof was originally chopped the 5" whilst still in California. Money that should have been spent on getting the rust and bodywork sorted have now been diverted into the latest project....

Nathans 1940 Merc

1940 Mercury completely stock. Bought from a guy in Michigan and shipped directly to Sacramento and currently being cared for by Kevan Sledge. Kevan is Mr Mercury when it comes to customising these cars. The idea is to create a 40's style custom, roof chopped with fender skirts and sitting low in the rear. Upholstery and paint will reflect the early custom look. All being well the car will see the English shores in 2014.