Pete and Sue

Pete's 1930 Model A roadster

My 1930 Model A roadster, originally built by Andy Barnett, is a tradition late 40's styled hotrod.Fitted with a Ford flathead V8, '39 3 speed gearbox and banjo rear axle. It has all the period features of a car built "back in tyhe day". The car now has a '32 grill shell and fitted fenders, tilted back screen and the option of full hood or just hood tops.

Over the year I get to use the car at both Flathead Meltdown meets at Avon Park as well as now getting chance to race at Shelsey Walsh and Prescott hill climbs. Add to that the dirt oval at the Hayride and a gentle (ish) go around a MotoX track means the roadster still gets some action in its old age

Pete's hand built race car

Ally Roadster....................................