Russ and Jo

Russ's 1930 model A Coupe

1931 coupe with 5" Roof chop on '32 Rails, with chopped and sectioned '38 grill. It runs a '51 Merc block with stage 1 Isky-ground cam, Evans heads, Weiand High rise intake with a pair of 9super7's on top. T5 5speed transmission and 9" with 3.70 gears out back.

The car was built by Ed Wilson from Pennsylvania in the style of an early 50's Show car. The Coupe drives superb even with implement on the front.

Jo's Shoebox Ford

Jo is building a '50 Ford Shoebox Kustom. It has a 31/2" Roof chop done as a joint effort of the club. Her planes are to fit 2" Dropped spindles, 3"lowering blocks on d'arched rear springs, fender skirts, the headlights are Frenched using Merc headlight bezzels. Jo is doing a full Kustom interior of her own design. It will be running a 24 stud French Flattie with 4" crank and duel 94's it will be backed by a C4 auto with flatomatic coversion and stock rear axle So watch this Space.

Russ's GMC Pickup

Stockish 3100 5 window stepside 370 ci straight 6 with stock 3 speed column gearbox The only change to the running gear is the open drive 9" with 3.25 gears for highway use to make it even more friendly it runs LPG/petrol.

This is used as a pickup should be it serves a daily driver, Tow vehicle and even trash wagon.

The only future plans are to swap out the 3 speed for a 5 speed.